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SKIEF Referee clinics

If you would like to organize a SKIEF referee clinic in your country, please contact our secretary ( for details.

Welcome to our new Website

We are pleased to introduce our new website for SKIEF referees, karateka looking to become a SKIEF licensed referee, competitors, and all practitioners of Karate-do in general. You will find the currently valid version of the SKIEF competition rules, translations of the rules where available, instructional material, information on the licensed referees and the members of the SKIEF Referee Committee as well as news for SKIEF referees and other interested persons.

Extension of expired / expiring licenses

SKIEF referee licenses are valid for three years and must be renewed either at the referee course at the SKIEF Championships or at an SKIEF referee training event / clinic. Many of our referees obtained their license during the first ever referee course in 2017 and were scheduled to renew or upgrade their license at the SKIEF Championships in Holland. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the championships and all other planned referee clinics had to be cancelled in 2020. The SKIEF Referee Committee has therefore decided to automatically extent all expired / expiring licenses until December 31, 2021.

Do you have a translation of the SKIEF Competition Rules Version 2.1 in your language?

If you have translated the SKIEF Competition Rules Version 2.1 into your own language, please send the file to us – we will publish the document on our website so that other referees and karateka may profit from your efforts – and we are sure they will be very grateful.

SKIEF Referee Zoom Training

The SKIEF Referee Committee invites all SKIEF referees to an Online-Referee Training (Zoom) on Sunday, 25 April 2021 at 10 am (Swiss Time). The training is free and open to all referees licensed in a SKIEF member country (no beginners).